In the early 2000's, if you wanted a web site with a content management system (CMS), you're choices were pretty much blogs or one of the the open sorce CMSs available at the time. The blogs were just that. Blogs, not really web sites. And the CMSs we're huge, over complicated affairs that looked pretty bad out of the box. After working with several of them, I deceided that I needed to try to build my own. Trying to combine the edtting ease of the blogs with the features of a full blown CMS, the myCMS Content Management System was born.

In 2020, wanting a version that simplified the editing process even further, I created myCMS-Lite, built new from the ground up. Faster and smaller, myCMS-Lite has been renamed myCMS, replacing the old version while retaining all the features with an even easier editing process.

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Some themes included with myCMS
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