I have been the bassists and occasionally played the harmonica with Detroit area artists including Howard Glazer, Harmonica Shah and Emanuel Young and Chicago area artists including Joe Rayfield. I've also spent some time in the Florida Keys playing an eclectic variety of Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz & Hawaiian, Carribean, Polynesian and other Island Music. This is my music. Welcome to my American Dream.

The Music

Cold Parts is a Country/Alt-Country album with a blend of Traditional, Country Swing and Country Rock. American Dream is a collection of songs written over the course of my lifetime. Blues, Rock & Roll and other Roots music make up most of this collection. In Progress is just what it says, works in progress. So put on your hard hat and watch for sharp objects and falling debris! I perform all vocals and instruments (With a few guests helping me out on American Dream). I hope you enjoy what I've created.

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